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2022 Daniel H. Weiskotten Scholarship Award Program

AWARD OF $1,000 &  1-year membership in NYSAA

Administered by the

William M. Beauchamp Chapter of the New York State Archaeological Association

The deadline for the 2022 Daniel H. Weiskotten Scholarship Award is March 1st.

To apply for this award, a student must be a New York state resident enrolled in an accredited New York State college or university undergraduate anthropology or history program. The student applicant must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours; be majoring in anthropology or history; and be intending to pursue a career in archaeology (prehistoric, historic, military, industrial, marine) or museology; and be able to show a financial need.

The Applicant Must Provide:

1).   A current college transcript showing a “B” average or better

2).   A financial need statement (Financial aid verification form from the college)

3).   A letter describing involvement in archaeological projects; a brief description of financial need; and applicant’s future plans (stated in the applicant’s own words & writing)

4). A recommendation from a professional archaeologist

The application for this award must be postmarked no later than march 1st, 2022.  It is advised that materials be sent as early as possible in the event that the committee has questions.  All materials are to be sent to Dr. Ellis Mcdowell-Loudan at the following address.

Dr. Ellis McDowell – Loudan
Box 502
3 West Academy St.
Mcgraw, NY 13101

A committee composed of professional archaeologists, and avocational members of the Beauchamp Chapter will review the applications after March 1st, and select the award recipient.

The award winner will be announced no later than April 15th, 2022.

2022 Daniel H. Weiskotten Scholarship Award Program (103.8 KiB)

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