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Finger Lakes Chapter

New York State Archaeological Association

NY Archaeology Finger Lakes Logo
Founded in 2005 in Ithaca, NY

Chapter Officers

President:  Scott Stull,

Vice President:  Wendy Bacon,

Secretary:  Sherene Baugher,

Treasurer: Paula Turkon,

Place of Meeting

Ithaca College, Center for Natural Sciences, Room 202

Directions to the room and building: From the main entrance of Ithaca College on Route 96B, proceed three-quarters around Alumni Circle and turn onto Grant Egbert Blvd.  Drive straight until you see a sign for Textor Circle.  Turn right on Textor Circle, then turn left twice into Blue Lot O.  Walk up the outdoor stairs alongside the Park School.  The Center for Natural Sciences is a large red brick building on your right.  Walk under the covered walkway to the entrance on your right.  Go through the double glass doors and up the stairs immediately to your left.  At the top of the stairs, Room 202 is the last room at the right end of the hallway.

Fall 2023 Meetings

October 15:  Walking tour of the graves of formerly enslaved and free African Americans in the Ithaca City Cemetery by Christina O’Malley and Patricia Longoria from Historic Ithaca.

November 6:  “From Beringia to New York: Peopling the Northeast” by Scott D. Stull from Ithaca College and SUNY Cortland.

Spring 2024 Meetings

March 18  “The Limits of Pharoah’s Power: Life in New Kingdom Israel” by Jacob Damm, Hirsch Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies.

April 29  “Imagery, Warfare and Identity: Iroquoian Painted Trees in the
Upper Susquehanna Valley” by David Moyer, from Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC)

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