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Resolutions on Treasure Hunting

New York Archaeological Association

Treasure Hunting on State and Private Property

Treasure Hunting Susquehanna Points New York ArchaeologyIn 2004-2005 a number of issues regarding the treasure hunting communities were brought to the New York Archaeological Council for comment.  In each case, NYAC looked at the issues involved and attempted to provide comments to the involved agencies and individuals.  These comment were meant to educate and to open communications between the various groups involved.  While impact of NYAC’s comments and actions varied, the these cases did suggest a need for a statement that identifies NYAC’s position.   As a result NYAC has developed two resolutions on the topic of treasure hunting and collecting that are presented below.

After much consideration, it was decided to provide two resolutions as there are two different sets of circumstances where treasure hunting occur -either on State or Private land.  In New York a landowner has the right to allow collecting on private land, however, on state land, a permit must be obtained from the State Education Department (New York State Museum) before any archaeological items can be collected.  For Additional information on this process you can review the State Museum Website.

» NYAC Resolution Regarding Treasure Hunting on Private Land

» NYAC Resolution Regarding Treasure Hunting on State Land

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