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Archaeology Season

New York Archaeological Council

Archaeology Resources in New York

Excavation, property of New York Archaeological CouncilNew York State has a rich and long history and prehistory. Each year archaeological sites are discovered and examined across the state. These investigations provide important information for understanding human activity and interaction with the landscape over the last 12,000 years. However, all archaeological sites represent fragile, non-renewable resources that are in danger of being impacted on a daily basis. For more than a decade archaeologists across the state have worked together to help raise awareness of the archaeological resources of the state, as well as to encourage stewardship of these important pieces of our history and to provide opportunities for the general public to become involved. This effort originally started as an Archaeology Week, and then several years ago it was expanded to an Archaeology Month. Past posters can be viewed and downloaded under Archaeology Season Posters.

Starting in 2005, in recognition of the fact that important archaeological work continues throughout the year, the organizations involved decided to celebrate Archaeology Season. Archaeology Season stretched from the Spring through the Fall and offered plenty of opportunities for the public to get involved through visiting excavations in progress, attending presentations on important sites, artifact identification days, and other events. Every year, we celebrate Archaeology Season from May through October.  Events will be sponsored by many individuals and organizations will take place throughout the season. Profile view, property of New York Archaeological Council

Organizational support for these efforts is provided by the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) the New York State Archaeological Association (NYSAA).

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