Thursday, June 06, 2024

Submissions for the CNEHA Newsletter

If you have any projects of interest you would like to submit for the October Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology Newsletter, please send copy and images to Michael Lucas,, by October 1. 

General guidelines for submissions:

a. Photographs should be included as separate attachments, rather than embedded in your text.  (That’s so our layout person doesn’t have to keep “undoing” what you have already done!)

b. All photographs need to have captions.

c. If you submit more than 3 or 4 illustrations with any individual article, please recognize that we may have to reduce the number.

d. There always will be a few submissions that truly are of “article” length, rather than newsletter length.  While it’s flattering that folks want to submit very “thorough” summaries of their research to us, we probably should shoot for an absolute maximum of no more than 2-3 pages (double-spaced) for any given submission. 

And e. To the extent possible, it would be great if all copy were submitted to me in Times New Roman and 12-point.  (Several of you do that already, and those are the specs with which I pass final copy on to our layout person, Dennis Howe.)


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