Thursday, June 06, 2024

NYSM Science Cafe

The New York State Museum is hosting a new series called the Science Café programs which combine a good science-focused mini-lecture with lively dialogue between the presenter and the audience in a more informal and accessible setting (with good food and beverages!).

The next event will be 23 January at 6:00 PM, at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen,
79 N Pearl St, Albany, New York 12207,

and will feature Dr. Jonathan Lothrop, NYSM.

The chat will be “Coming in to the Country: The First New Yorkers and the Ice Age Landscapes of New York.”

New Yorkers today live, work and travel in a built environment, superimposed on the region’s natural landscapes. The first New Yorkers – Native Americans – knew no such cultural conveniences when they colonized the region in the late Ice Age. NYSM curator of archaeology, Dr. Jonathan Lothrop, reviews recent archaeological evidence for when and by what routes Native Americans may have colonized the region, and in turn, how these Paleoindian peoples may have used and traversed these subarctic landscapes to survive in late Pleistocene New York.

This fun, interactive program is free. Food and drink are not included.

Thank you in advance for supporting the program. I hope you are able to join us!

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