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Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter

Call for Papers

Lewis Henry Morgan

The Lewis Henry Morgan and the Frederick M. Houghton Chapters, New York Archaeological Association (NYSAA) are excited to announce the First Call for Papers for the Centennial Meeting of the New York State Archaeological Association.

The Annual Meeting of the NYSAA and the Spring meeting of the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) will take place at the Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, Fairport, NY April 15 – 17th, 2016.

The NYAC meeting will be on Friday afternoon and the NYSAA annual business meeting will be Friday evening.

Paper presentations will be all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  Our banquet speaker will be John Hart, Director, Research and Collections Division, New York State Museum.

This notice is an open call for papers on any subject of interest in the archaeology of New York and adjoining regions.  Paper and poster abstract proposals should be 250 words or less. Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes in length. One paper and/one poster per author; although individuals may coauthor multiple papers.  All presenters must register for the conference.

Abstracts, authors, affiliation, and AV preferences should be emailed to Susan Maguire at or Lisa Marie Anselmi at  The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2016.

New York State Archaeological Association

Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter was founded 1916 in Rochester, New York.  For more information see also the Morgan Chapter Website.

Science on the Edge Lectures

May 28th at the Rochester Museum & Science Center
Ann Morton of Morton Archaeological Research Services
A Tale of Two Middens
A story about house clearances at the Wilder Farm, South Bristol, Ontario County, and the Blaker Farm, Macedon Center, Wayne County New York. Sometimes small archaelogical discoveries can open an unexpected window to broad historical events. This is a tale of two middle-class farm families in the rural counties of Upstate New York and how they put names and faces to the rise of consumer culture, the developing mortgage and credit industry, the shift from self-sufficient farmers to agri-business, and the economic crises of 1893 and 1896.

Thursday May 28, 2015 Itinerary

Time Function
1:00PM Radio interview @ WXXI Amanda Bayer
4:30pm Audio/Visual Check Chelsea Flint
Bausch Auditorium
5:30pm Dinner at Park Ave. Pub
Guests Include: Cait Fallone, Ann Morton
7:30pm Lecture
Bausch Auditorium
Welcome & Intro Speaker: Cait Fallone
9:30PM End

Field Survey of the Alva Reed Site

This is an advanced notice that this summer the Morgan Chapter will be conducting a field survey and location testing on the Alva Reed site located in the Town of Richmond, northwest of Honeoye and east of Hemlock. The site is on the eastern slope of a large hill at the elevation of 1050 feet putting it 200 feet above the Hemlock outlet. The site is approximately three acres, partly in woods and partly in a cultivated field. The site has been identified as a possible satellite village of the Culbertson site discussed in the Charles Wray Series in Seneca Archaeology.
The dates and details of the field survey and location testing are still being worked out so stay tuned for details. The schedule should be determined within the next couple of weeks. This will be a great opportunity for current members and new members to work on a Native American archaeology site.

Morgan Chapter Meetings and Activities

Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter activities in 2013 again centered on archaeological investigations sponsored by the chapter, along with the Bristol Historical Society and the Honeoye-Richmond Historical Society. This year’s work was carried out at the Burning Springs Site in Bristol NY, and an 1818 Mill Site in South Bristol NY (photos).

Meeting Time

Mondays, 7:00 PM (occasional variations in time and place )

Meeting Location

Spiegel Recreation & Community Center, Room 101,  35 Lincoln Ave., Pittsford, NY 14534


The Iroquoian, Editor- Marie Lorraine Pipes
Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter Newsletter, Editor- Douglas Pippin

Chapter Officers

President:  Marie Lorraine Pipes (2013–2014)

Vice President:  Annette Nohe   (2013-2014)

Treasurer:  Ann Morton  (2013-2014)

Corresponding Secretary & Website Contact Person:
Douglas Pippin (2013-2014)

Recording Secretary:  Martha L. Sempowski (2013-2014)

Membership Secretary: Lori DeHond Hunt (2013-2014)

Executive Committee:
Greg Hunt (2013-2015)
Griffin D. Hamell (2013-2015)
Dale G. Knapp (2013-2015)
Bruce Knapp (2013-2015)
Janice Nash (2013-2015)
Neal Ward (2013-2015)
Judy Oliveri (2013-2015)

Justin Tubiolo (2013- 2016)
George Hamell (2013-2016)
Charles Hayes III (2013-2016)

About Our Founder Lewis Henry Morgan

Lewis Henry Morgan (November 21, 1818 – December 17, 1881) was a pioneering American anthropologist and social theorist who worked as a railroad lawyer. He is best known for his work on kinship and social structure, his theories of social evolution, and his ethnography of the Iroquois. Interested in what holds societies together, he proposed the concept that the earliest human domestic institution was the matrilineal clan, not the patriarchal family; the idea was accepted by most pre-historians and anthropologists throughout the late nineteenth century.

Also interested in what leads to social change, he was a contemporary of the European social theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who were influenced by reading his work on social structure and material culture. Morgan is the only American social theorist to be cited by such diverse scholars as Marx, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud. Elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Morgan served as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1879.

Morgan was a Republican member of the New York State Assembly (Monroe Co., 2nd D.) in 1861, and of the New York State Senate in 1868 and 1869.

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