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Calling all Cemetery Detectives!

The Central New York Cemetery Network needs your help!  

Several times a year we will highlight a particular gravestone carver who was active in the Central New York area.  We’d like to ask YOU to help us crowdsource and locate more stones in your region that might have been created by these talented carvers.

If you find this carver’s stones, then please email us at  and the researcher who is currently working on that particular carver will respond. 

Newly discovered stones will be added to our ever-growing database of research available for all Gravestone and Cemetery enthusiasts! 

Thank you for your help!

Philo Perry Moore, Gravestone Carver

Philo Perry (P. P.) Moore was born in Virgil, Cortland County, New York in 1821 and died in Eaton, Michigan at the age of 81 in 1903. 

Before he moved west in 1850, he was active in our area for his gravestone carvings from the 1830s to the late 1840s.  He worked both in sandstone and in marble, and some gravestones also include his brother’s, Charles Grove (C.G.) Moore, initials. 

A dealer in marble as well as a carver, a 1844 advertisement in the Cortland County Whig informs the public that “he has just received an extensive assortment of bea
utiful marble from the Castleton Quarry in Vermont….head stones, monuments, tomb tablets…”

P.P. Moore is distinguishable for his variety of typeface’s on one stone. Was he advertising his adaptability? The first and last name of the deceased are usually in capital letters, the word “died” is often in a bubble-type or 3D lettering style, his italicized words often show flourish. The A in aged is usually, but not always, given a calligraphic form, and his 4 often has a curved cross-stroke.

Abigail Bailey (1847) Old Spencer Cemetery, Spencer, Tioga County, NY

Note: The word “died” in a bubble-type lettering style, W and f in “wife of” and M in March are given much flourish, the 4 in the date is his unique interpretation.

Abigail Bailey Headstone
Abigail Bailey headstone
Abigail Bailey Headstone detail
Abigail Bailey headstone detail

Jeremiah Barton (1844), Virgil Rural Cemetery, Cortland County, NY

Note: The word “died” is almost 3-D in appearance, the A in Aged has extra flourish. His signature can be seen under the epitaph on the lower right side of the stone.

Jeremiah Barton Headstone
Jeremiah Barton headstone
Jeremiah Barton headstone detail
Jeremiah Barton headstone detail

Jonathan (1845) and Lucinda (1858) Edward, Old Virgil Cemetery, Cortland County, NY

Jonathan (1845) and Lucinda (1858) Edward
Jonathan and Lucinda Edward headstone

Note: This table top tomb shows his adaptability in carving marble as well as sandstone gravestones. [his signature is not shown in this photograph]

Mary Ann Hathaway (1837), East Groton Cemetery, Tompkins County, NY

Mary Ann Hathaway headstone
Mary Ann Hathaway headstone

Note: “Wife of” shows flourish in all letters, A in Aged is shown in his signature style.

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