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Dr. John P. Hart: Recent Research on Northern Iroquoian Agriculture, May 2021

Recent Research on Northern Iroquoian Agriculture

It is well known that Iroquoian people were highly dependent on maize-based agriculture for subsistence. In this presentation I will review the results of recent research on carbon and nitrogen isotopes that provide new information on how Iroquoian farmers in New York and Ontario maintained the fertility of agricultural fields and how much maize was included in fourteenth- to seventeenth-century Iroquoian diets in Ontario.

John P. Hart is Curator Emeritus at the New York State Museum where he served six years as Director of the Cultural Resource Survey Program followed by 20 years as Director, Research and Collections Division before retiring at the end of March 2020. Dr. Hart’s research focuses on Native American agriculture, social network analysis, and chronology building.

Recording of John Hart’s Lecture

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