Thursday, June 06, 2024

NYAC Call for Nominations 2016

Officer Nominations

The terms for President, Secretary, and an at-large Board seat expire at our Annual Meeting on April 15, 2016.

Candidates for officers and at-large board must be members in good standing and hold membership in the organization. Officers and board members are expected to attend the Annual Meeting and two additional meetings. The winter board meeting need not be an in-person meeting and can be held via teleconference, video-conference, or other suitable technology.

Terms will run from 2016-2019. Self-nominations are welcome. If nominating another individual, please verify the person is willing to run and to serve.

The nominating committee requests that nominations be submitted by March 1.

Nominations may be returned to any of the nominating committee members: Tim Lloyd (, Daria Merwin ( or David Staley (

Please include:

Nominee’s name, office or seat for their candidacy, address, and e-mail. Also include your name and e-mail address.


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