Friday, September 29, 2023

News from the Funk Foundation

The Funk Foundation held its annual board meeting in March, and developed the plan and schedule for this year’s grant applications and review. We want to award two grants from this cycle. The application deadline was April 15, and we received 6 applications. This is one more than last year, when we awarded a grant to Ammie Mitchell of SUNY Buffalo for petrographic analysis of Early-Middle Woodland ceramics. At the NYSAA poster session, I saw some of the petrographic slides that Ammie purchased with Funk Foundation grant money. In a word, they are fascinating!

We will decide about new grant awards during June. We are also discussing possible future grants with potential applicants who have contacted us recently. Our board members are happy for potential grantees to contact us concerning projects or analyses they are considering.

We also recently received generous contributions from NYAC and NYSAA at their April meetings, for which we are very grateful. We look forward to an active, renewed granting program that merits the generosity of our donors.

Further information including the grant application forms is found on the Funk Foundation website at If you have any questions, please email Funk Foundation President Ed Curtin at, or call Ed at (518) 884-7102.
Submitted by Ed Curtin

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