Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Geneseo Archaeological Fieldschool Opportunity

Geneseo invites anyone interested in learning basic field methods in archaeology to take part in the summer field school this summer in Bristol, NY. The course emphasizes hands-on learning. There is a pre-requisite of intro to archaeology, but this year we are willing to wave it. Students will be trained in basic excavation, stratigraphic analysis, record keeping and data processing during archaeological fieldwork, and horizontal (plan) and vertical (profile) mapping techniques.

The Geneseo College field archaeological school will take place at the historic site of Burning Springs, Bristol NY. This location is part of a larger complex of farms that were originally owned by the Burt family and later subdivided and sold to the Crosby family and later the Wilder family. The Burt family bought the property in 1797 and were the first build on the site. Previous excavation in 2022 located the foundation of a large barn and associated household deposits. The field school will focus on locating the foundation of the Burt house and investigating the yard areas to identify outbuildings and midden deposits. Application deadline is April 15th. For more information contact Dr. Paul Pacheco
(pacheco@geneseo.edu) or Dr. Marie-Lorraine Pipes (pipes@geneseo.edu).

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