Monday, January 17, 2022
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Cultural Preservation Specialist for Delaware SHPO

Job Opening: Delaware SHPO is looking for a new review archaeologist for their staff. Here is the link to the job posting:

Summary Statement

This is cultural preservation work conducting and administering programs for the identification and protection of archaeological and historic resources.  This position reports to a technical superior.  Responsibilities include interpretative, consultative and advisory services to State/federal/local agencies, property owners, contractors, architects, archaeologists, and historians in the identification, evaluation and protection of Delaware’s cultural resources.  Incumbents administer one or more of a variety of state/federal programs including historic/cultural preservation planning, environmental review, and cultural resources survey.  Incumbents plan and conduct various surveys to identify and assess cultural resources, evaluate the effects of federal/state/local projects on cultural resources and recommend alternatives to mitigate effects; coordinate programs with federal regulatory agencies; monitor projects and programs to ensure compliance; coordinate a public participation process to identify preservation priorities; and periodically revise and update historic preservation plans.

Selective Requirements

Selective Requirements must be met in addition to the job requirements.  Applicants who do not possess the selective requirement will not be qualified.

  1. Four months of supervised field and analytic experience in general North American archaeology.
  2. One year experience at a supervisory level in the study of archaeological resources of the historic and/or prehistoric period. 
  3. One year experience in conducting research which includes collecting data, analyzing data collected, and preparing a comprehensive report to achieve objectives of the research.
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