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Archaeology Video Festival

Friday, April 27th 2018
Hosted by New York Archaeological Council
At the joint meeting of the NYAC and NYSAA, Comfort Inn & Suites
6701 Buckley Rd, Syracuse, NY 13212

The digital age provides so many new opportunities for sharing information about archaeology. In the past NYAC sponsored an annual poster to spread the word about the amazing projects conducted across New York State and the important information gained from them. Beginning in 2018 NYAC will sponsor a video festival every other year as a modern alternative to the archaeology poster.
Consider submitting a short film or video of 10 minutes or less on a project of special interest to you- for the first video festival of 2018! Feel free to include analysis results or interviews with archaeologists and the public. Do a site reconstruction or find some other innovative way to feature the archaeology of New York State in your film or video.
Videos will be shown Friday evening April 27th at the joint meeting of the NYAC and NYSAA. Videographers will be invited to speak to the audience. For further information contact:

Sissie Pipes

Archaeology Video Event April 2018 (43.5 KiB)

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