Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ballot and Candidate Statements for the 2021 NYAC Board Election


Please see the attached ballot and candidate statements for the 2021 NYAC Board election. Only full and graduate student members in good standing may vote. As a reminder, this election is for 4 at-large seats. Please vote for no more than 4 individuals. Please either return the ballot to me as physical mail or e-mail by April 13, 2021. Your name must be included on either the physical envelope or the body of the email to verify voting eligibility. Please do not sign the ballot. Electronic attachments will be printed without sender info on arrival and be combined with ballots received via mail prior to ballot counting (ensuring anonymous voting).

Thank you for your attention.
Dave Witt

2021 NYAC Ballot (94.8 KiB)

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