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Professional and avocational archaeologists and those interested in archaeology are invited to join NYAC to become more involved in the archaeology of New York State. The organization has three membership categories:

Membership Categories

Lake Champlain Bridge Survery ProjectFull Membership

Full Membership in NYAC requires a formal review process of the applicants eligibility.

To be a full member the applicant must have at least a post-graduate degree in archaeology or a closely related field, have received supervised training in basic archaeological field research, consisting of 2 weeks of field training (including both survey and excavation) plus 4 weeks of laboratory analysis and/or curating.

The field training must be in blocks of at least 2 weeks duration, have completed successful design and execution of an archaeological study, as evidenced by a report on such a study equivalent in scope and quality an M.A. or M.S. thesis, but not necessarily consisting of such a thesis, and subscribe to the NYAC code of ethics.

Full NYAC members are entitled to hold office, sit on the board, join committees, and vote. They are also entitled to all mailings throughout the year, including general meeting minutes, announcements and newsletters. The annual fee is $25.

2016 NYAC Full Membership Application (44.2 KiB)

Graduate Student Associate Membership

Graduate Student Associate Membership entitles the holder to all rights and privileges of regular membership, except to vote on by-laws revisions and to hold elected office.

Graduate Student Associate Membership requires that the applicant be enrolled in a graduate anthropology program, or a closely related field, and to demonstrate an interest in New York State archaeology. The annual fee is $25.

2016 NYAC Graduate Student Membership Application Form (35.7 KiB)

Associate Member

Individuals and institutions can receive information on NYAC’s meetings and activities by becoming an Associate Member. The applicant is entitled to all of mailings throughout the year, including general meeting minutes, announcements and newsletters. You are encouraged to attend NYAC meetings as a guest. Associate Members are not able to vote in general meetings but can serve on committee and may be elected to office.  The annual fee for an Associate Member is $15.00.

2016 NYAC Associate Membership Application Form (14.6 KiB)

Please send completed forms of the Vice President.

Marie-Lorraine Pipes PhD RPA
Vice-president, NYAC
323 County Road 9
Victor NY 14564